How are the Curtains hung?

There are two eyelets on the curtain bar where the curtain can be fixed, by using either screws, nails, hooks or suction pads.

I want to buy a curtain, but the width and length on are curtains is to big?
All plastic curtains can be reduced in length and width:
  • Take off an end and cut the curtain to the required size.
  •  The length can be shortened as the beads are fused to the string and will not come off if cut. However it is preferable to choose a curtain without a pattern.
Is my payment safe?

Yes, our website and payment system is 100% secure. We have chosen a company which provides the payment system for our website, so we are confident that all transactions are secure.

Are the products displayed on your website in stock?

We have a procedure on our website whereby any item that becomes unavailable will show "out of stock" written on the actual item, or it will be completely removed.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept most credit and debit cards through our PayPal account. Only pay for the items you have bought. Do not send any extra money without first contacting us.

Where do you ship to?

Please be aware that we are not able to ship abroad, and will complete orders for the UK only.